Ecole Espera Prototype “The Eight” With Maserati Engine – one heck of a brilliant car!

2012 Ecole Espera Prototipe with Maserati Engine - 2012 Paris Auto Show...

Let’s take a look at the design of this vehicle, for you to receive a general idea of this particular brand or model. Hidden away in one corner of the Paris Auto show in 2012 is this beauty. The designer is Franco Sbarro and his students. This hot rod is known as The Eight and the concept features a Maserati V8 engine that produces 360HP. This machine is believed to be developed from scratch in amazing 8 weeks.

This is a fancy car with the latest technology like driver facing tablet computer, for navigational directions, text-to-speech technology, internet access and so much more. That unmistakable hot rod design is due to its exposed wheels suspension & steering components, as well as the low, slung chassis. We can only say “Hats off to the auto design students and the Ecole Espera who made this beauty called the Eight.