Drone Footage from a Sinkhole at the Corvette Museum

Drone Footage from Inside Corvette Museum Sinkhole...

After a sinkhole that swallowed 8 vintage Corvettes at the National Corvette museum, a drone helicopter was sent into the sinkhole. According to the museum’s executive director, several classics like 1984 PPG Pace Car, a white sportster that was built in 1992 and 1962 black Corvette were buried in the dirt. Employees were in tears because of this huge lost and the fact that some of these vehicles were more than 50 years old makes this situation even harder.

The footage from the drone shows that inside that huge whole everything looks messy as it looks after an earthquake, but instead of houses there were Corvettes roam the road. The cars are sitting at an angle on the edge buried in dirt or flipped over completely. The loss is huge! Take a look.