Drive safe with Samsung’s Smart “Safety Truck” on the roads!!!

Drive safe with Samsung’s Smart “Safety Truck” on the roads!!!!

On a road, with only one lane in each direction, it is necessary to overtake a truck that slows you down. This is a very risky move because trucks cover a large field of vision and that makes the overtaking very risky move. In Argentina, one person dies on every hour, as a result of bad car accidents, but the tech giant Samsung has come up with a solution. They’ve created the coolest thing ever – called “Safety Truck”.

This smart truck is giving a wide range of sight on the back of the trailer because it has cameras on the front bumper that feeds the view through screens which are at the back of the trailer, and it has night vision mode as well. Drivers have a clear view of what is going on ahead, and the risk of the attempt of overtaking is reduced to a minimum. We love this “Safety Truck”! See the video below, and you’ll love it too!