Drag race gone wrong, the two Camaros crash at the strip!

Drag race gone wrongDrag race gone wrong, the two Camaros crash! They crash into each other at the strip! One was Tony Johnson’s Blown Camaro and the other was Steve Kirk’s Nitrous Camaro. One of the Camaros crushed against the wall and stopped just a second before it hit the camera man. Luckily, the drivers are alive and well.

Drag race gone wrong!

Both drivers were alright and the Nitrous Camaro completed the event with the assistance of some red tape. This amazing footage is from Huntsville Dragway. We don’t know what happened exactly that caused this crash. Tony’s throttle was shaken after he crossed the middle line sending him on a wild ride. If you are into racing, this is a great lesson to learn. The speed is usually extremely high when you race. You can lose control in seconds, so it’s important that you’re always careful. Check out the video!

Source: ridingmode.com