Don’t miss the chance to have this mean 1967 Shelby Super Snake in your hands!


Ready for an insanely cool Shelby Super Snake?

There are plenty of cars, which have great street presence, in the world of Mustangs. But then, there are these cars that are insane manifestations of pure adrenaline and high octane, just like this sinister Shelby Super Snake! The Super Shake is one of the only 43 Continuation Super Snakes ever produced and you can easily call it the ultimate big block Ford. The 482 cubic inch Shelby Performance  hooked up to a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission is the thing that brings this beast to life.

So, yeah, when this ride hits the pavement everyone is in awe, because of the perfect mix of modern performance and golden age classic. So, if you’re looking for pedigreed metal that’s crossing legendary heritage with fresh DNA, you definitely found the car of your dreams! For more information check out the video and the link in the description.