2011 Dodge Charger custom wide body kit – The Reaper!!

Dodge Charger custom wide body2011 Dodge Charger custom wide body kit – The Reaper!! This project took about a year to complete. Heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, 8.4″ U-Connect system, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, sunroof, backup camera, etc.

Dodge Charger custom wide body – “The Reaper”!

And if that’s not impressive enough, this kit also packs RideTech Shockwave front struts, shock absorbers, 4 corner sensors and a 5 gallon tank. As for the wheels, it’s only the best: Forgiato Vizzo 24×9 3 tone front wheels, Forgiato Vizzo 24×15 3 tone rear wheels and Pirelli tires.

The audio inside this crazy custom wide body 2011 Dodge Charger R/T is as if you were in a discotheque or something, Rockford subwoofers, amps, component speakers. The interior is black, mostly custom made of black leather and suede with red stitch. Matte black paint job. I can go on and on about this car for days, but it’s best that you check it out!

Source: ridingmode.com