Dodge Challenger RT on 34″ wheels! Hot or not?

Dodge Challenger R/T on 34" wheelsDodge Challenger RT on 34″ wheels! Are these 34″ 964 Rockstarr wheels cool or weird? Well, that a matter of taste. These huge wheels are not my cup of tea, especially not on a Dodge Challenger RT. But, if you’re into that ghetto, gangsta look, it’s a look you can go with.

Dodge Challenger RT on 34″ wheels!

Looks like the fenders definitely have to be shaved down to fit all that tire under the wheel, and the thing looks kinda funny making turns. Maybe it would be better if it had a different suspension to go with these huge wheels. I don’t know, I guess if I spent money to customize an already cool car, I’d give it more horsepower. But that’s just me, like I said, it’s a matter of taste! Check it out!