CXC Motion Pro II is the most Realistic Flight/Racing Simulator Ever!



There are many ways to immerse yourself in a game, while playing video games nowadays, but this particular simulator definitely provides one of the most intense experiences out there. With this thing you’re literally surrounded by the experience because 3 TV screens are “wrapped” around you and when you add the noises coming out from the surround system, you’re totally sucked in.

This simulator, called CXC Motion Pro II, isn’t just for the avid racecar driver. It can take you to the skies, as well. The racing simulator can be transformed into a flight simulator in only 2 minutes. The high resolution satellite imagery is based on realistic scenery so, yeah, it is hellishly cool. If you’re really want it badly, you should be willing to shell out the $54,000 to $83,000. Check out the magnificent experience!