Compact, lightweight and valveless- Duke Engines’ axial engine surpasses the existing technology


The folks at New Zealand’s Duke Engines have been very busy developing an axial engine prototype and demonstrating its excellent results. Yes, this engine completely does away with valves but, delivers amazing power and torque while being much simpler, smaller, and lighter than others of its kind.

This 1000 cc beast, even though small in size, is one hell of a worker. It has 5 cylinders, makes 215 HP and 250 lb-ft of torque at 4500 rpm. This means that this little thing slightly outperforms 2 conventional 3-liter reference engines that are nearly three times as big for shipping and nearly 20 % heavier. Duke’s engine delivers as many power strokes per revolution as a 6-cylinder engine but with a vast reduction in the number of engine parts as well as huge weight savings. Check out the video, where everything is explained in detail, to see what this engine is all about!