Coast Guard Busts Homemade Submarine, Seizes $181M Worth of Cocaine


The US Coast Guard intercepted a submarine off the coast of Central American and seized a mountainous $181 million worth of cocaine. According to the agency this was the biggest bust of its kind in Coast Guard history. The Coast Guard Stratton sailed up to the craft after getting a call from a US Navy pilot. He spotted the vessel about 200 miles, south of Mexico. It’s definitely a job well done because these kinds of boats are really difficult to see from above.

But, these kinds of makeshift boats are a highly popular form of transportation among drug smugglers in Columbia and this is not the first bust that has happened. According to the Coast Guard at least 25 such vehicles have been stopped in the Eastern Pacific since 2006. In the dramatic video you can see the Coast Guard members boarding the submarine and placing 4 smugglers under arrest, right away after pulling then one by one out of a hatch. Tough luck, smugglers.