Chevrolet uses a grizzly bear to show that the Silverado is better than the Ford F-150


The battle between Ford and Chevrolet is headed for a cage match and Chevy really has the whole thing trolling down! The Ford-150 was controversial ever since its concept came out, even before it hit the road. All that was because of one thing- aluminum. Ford chose the lightweight metal over steel and that caused quite a buzz among truckers. However, Chevrolet still made the Silverado out of steel and it even made this viral commercial to show its superiority.

In the commercial focus group members, claimed to be “real people” rather than actors, are asked which cage they would use for refuge when a grizzly bears enters the room. One cage is made from aluminum and the other from steel. Of course, most of them scurry wide-eyed to the steel cage, believing that it is safer that the other one. Yes, we’re quite aware that it sounds like a bit of a stretch however; this commercial is really innovative and fun to watch so check it out!