Challenger SRT8 gets hit by a Ford truck!

Challenger SRT8 gets hitDodge Challenger SRT8 gets hit by a Ford truck at stop lights! What we have here is a gorgeous Challenger SRT8 stopping at the stop lights, and getting hit by a Ford truck. The driver of the Ford F-150 plowed into the back of the car, and it was all caught on this random biker’s GoPro camera. This took place in Riverton, Wyoming.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 gets hit by a truck at stop lights!

The Ford F-150 is driven by a lady driver. She seems to be distracted by something. Maybe she was talking on her cellphone, and maybe she had a dog in her lap. However, it’s pretty reckless of her to drive like that. I mean, it’s a brand new Limited Edition Dodge SRT8 Challenger, that’s a really nice and expensive car! Luckily enough, no one was injured in the accident. Check out the GoPro footage!