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Walmart’s Futuristic Concept Truck

This vehicle was unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking show, and this futuristic truck looks like one taken from a Transformers movie. This concept truck is called W.A.V.E. which is abbreviated from Walmart Advanced

“Mr Junk” – The 1951 Chevrolet

This car used to be called Chevy, but now the owner is called it “Mr Junk”. This car is not Junk at all. In fact, this is very cool Hot Rod and a

Ecole Espera Prototype “The Eight” With Maserati Engine – one heck of a brilliant car!

Let’s take a look at the design of this vehicle, for you to receive a general idea of this particular brand or model. Hidden away in one corner of the Paris Auto show

Top 10 Fastest Things on our Planet Earth!

As we know, the light is the fastest thing in our universe, but today we’ll reveal 10 things that move really fast. We have everything from cars and people to computers and

Meet Shockwave – The Fastest Truck on Earth!

There are vehicles that are fast, but also there are vehicles that are considered to be the fastest on Earth, exciting isn’t it? This huge truck is named Shockwave and has 400 mph.

Compilation of the funniest and strangest vehicles at the Nordschleife!

When you see the video below you’ll notice a compilation of all sorts of vehicles even some vehicles you won’t expect to see there at all. It seems that you can anything

Gearhead field from your dreams – Salvage yard for antique cars!

This salvage yard can be like a shopping mall for car fans. Cars from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s can be found there and some of the antique car lovers could spend

10 minutes of heaven: 2015 Ford Mustangs at SEMA

Another year of the Mustangs! Mustangs are mean and powerful rides. Most of them take away the cake wherever they go, even at the SEMA Auto Show a Mustang was named “Hottest

Time travel auction – car collector’s dream!

This is not just some auction- it’s the Lambercht’s auction! That may not mean much but you’ll be shocked when you’ll see what’s actually in this family’s garage! They’ve held onto a

V8 Hotel in Germany – another Bucketlist thing to do!

This is what we need, the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany is top location for car lovers!!! This exclusive 4-star V8 Hotel also automobile museum offers car themed rooms created under a