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Volkswagen Minivan In True Sense Of The Word – The Mini W!!

Volkswagen Minivan In True Sense Of The Word – The Mini W!! This VW owner took his passion to a whole new level and created something that stands out in the crowd.

What really happens when a gearhead dad is watching over his baby?

There are tons of memes, pictures, and even videos of what actually happens when dads are watching over their babies. Now, what we can see from there is that dads usually take

Hilarious parody: Things that every Civic owners say!

Not picking or discriminating groups or anything but, to be honest, Civic owners as a group say the most outlandish things. It’s not all of them though, however when you run into

Johnny Depp pranked his wife Amber Heard on ‘Overhaulin’!

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are featured on an episode of the famous TV show ‘Overhaulin’. However, the interesting part is that Amber had absolutely no idea that she was on a

A Cop Turns on the Emergency Lights, Runs Through a Red Light, and hits another a car!

If want to know what happens when a cop car runs through a red light, watch the video below. In it, the police officer turns on the emergency lights, runs through a

When tire mounting with fire goes wrong, it explodes!

Epic prank with a twisted end: Bait bike in the hood!

Stealing a bike is not a good idea but some people simply can’t resist when they see a bike left in a park and its owner is nowhere to be found. In

Epic prank: Magician Calen Morelli tries to sell weed to a cop and doesn’t get arrested!

Calen Morelli, a street magician, apparently has a lot of nerve going to a cop and trying to sell him a bag of weed. And, as if the cop wasn’t mad enough,

Cody Stone disappears right before he gets hit by a car!

Do you believe in magic? No? That’s what we thought. And while believing in magic is optional and debatable, believing in illusions never ends with a question mark.  Illusions are scientifically proven;

Taking a nap at a red light is not a good idea!

In Boca Raton, Florida, traffic came to a standstill because an exhausted driver, probably non-intentionally, took a nap while waiting a red light to change. When the green light turned the line