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Harley Davidson drifting on ice and snow – Frozen Fury!!!

Harley Davidson drifting on ice – something that you will truly enjoy watching. We can go on and on about how motorcycles and ice just don’t mix with all the “sideways effects”

How to make a snowball machine gun! Check it out!

This dude right here has built a snowball machine gun and now he’s owning the snowball fights! 🙂 Like a boss! He got the idea to make this since all his nieces

This is the coolest General Lee Charger Go Kart!

Take a moment to check out the coolest General Lee Charger Go Kart on the block! Perfect little guy! You are already guessing that in the video below you are going to see

Power Wheels Jump – Maybe it was not his best idea…

Crazy gas powered Power Wheels-like car jump! Not, it’s not a bird and it’s not a plane. 🙂 This incredible stuntman’s name is Mek Mekem Lawuer and he’s from Canada, and we are

Magic Carpet Go Kart – Gas powered Segway on tracks!

Gas powered Segway riding on tracks. What?! That’s right, this is anything but a regular segway. Lately, we’ve noticed that segways are growing popular as they are easy to handle, the experience

Redneck trailer loading goes wrong – Epic Fail!!!

Redneck trailer loading – it’s not as simple as we thought. At least, not for these guys. Most of us have that one friend that doesn’t quite cope with the hooking up

KK2 Goliath RC mud truck – Let the game begin!!

KK2 Goliath RC mud truck in action is something everybody will enjoy watching. Are you ready to see some insane RC action that’s pretty mind-blowing? We are too. This crazy RC that

Bottoms Up Cooler Scooter, the most awesome beer invention!

As a beer lover, I can safely say that Bottoms Up Cooler Scooter is one of the best inventions ever! Now we can have our delicious cold beer on the go, without

F1 VS Bath Rugby team – And the winner is…!?!

F1 VS Bath Rugby. However, eight Bath rugby players were brave and strong enough to take Daniel Riccaiardo on. It’s about the exact question that has been there for a long time:

How to open Master Lock with Cat Food Can Lid!?!

Cat food can lid doesn’t seem to serve the only purpose that we had known of. Messing around with lock doesn’t sound exciting to most people but, there are folks of YouTube