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Chevrolet Bel Air shows a sports bike who’s the boss!

The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air is a classic. We’ve seen a few of them at various car shows throughout the years but, we’ve never seen one like this. The Chevy catches the

Hilarious Grand Theft Auto Police Chase

What makes the Grand Theft Auto games so fun is that they are hilariously unrealistic. You can’t except that the police will stop chasing you after you mowed down several civilians or

The Transformer Bumblebee comes to life and meets the police!

Ever wanted to own a Transformer? Of course you did, we would love to own one too. Well, some guy just made his own transformer. At first glance it looks like a

Awesome Buggy doing some crazy jumps!

You don’t see one of these everyday! This handmade buggy is capable of doing some crazy things! It’s powerful and cool! We definitely love the suspension work- really cool! Check out the

Epic fail- Idiot tries to break a car window with his head!

The guy in the video hopelessly tries to break the window of the car with his head, which apparently is empty! He makes several attempts and fails- BIG TIME! Honestly, we’re pretty

Amiri King and his Chevy Camaro parody- Hilarious!

Amiri King striker again! The master of commercializing cars released another hilarious video. This time he is talking about the Chevy Camaro and of course, he calls it “The Camarow”. If you’re

DIY quad copter-based ‘Star Wars’ Speeder Bike takes flight

  DIY quad copter-based ‘Star Wars’ Speeder Bike takes flight This “Star Wars” Speeder bike with a modified quad copter was constructed by Adam Woodsworth, a “Star Wars” fan. How cool is

Couch-surfing on the grass- Level: Pro

Couch-surfing sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Maybe many of us had had the idea but, nobody really tried to make it happen. Well, these guys sure took the thing on another level.

The best Chevy Colorado commercial ever! – Amiri King

Amiri King is apparently, the master when it comes to commercializing cars and stuff like that. This is his second, hilarious video and this time he is talking about the Chevy Colorado.

Go Kart Gets Monster Engine Upgrade!!!

Everyone likes upgrading stuff. For example, this particular Go Kart got a huge boost in the engine department. Fasten your seatbelts, because this is one hell of a ride. This little hot