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Letting car tires jump of a Ski Jump Ramp is how the Japanese are having fun!

Japanese are one of the most extraordinary and interesting people (to some) in the world. That’s due to their extraordinary and odd habits and hobbies that we all find very strange. However, we

Is this 2016 Dodge Stealth Concept gonna become a reality?

Rumor has it that the concept pictures that you’re seeing here are representing the 2016 Dodge Stealth concept. This new Stealth concept, designed by Fiat partner Pininfarina S.p.A, is said to have

We Just Love Instant Karma!! Compilation!

There is nothing better than seeing bad people getting what they’ve deserved. It is funny and fascinating how fast the justice was served here in this compilation, and not by the law

VTEC Kicked in, yo!

VTEC Kicked in, yo! Is a popular phrase on 4chan. This saying was probably invented because the VTEC engine “kicks in” at a certain speed. It is mainly used in reference to

Crazy Hydro Boxing Competition – Cool way to Have Fun!

Nitro Circus are doing crazy stuff all the time, but this time they decided to do something that will leave us open mouthed. This hydro boxing happened in San Diego, which is the

Hilarious! When towing a Big trailer with a Small car goes wrong :)

When towing a trailer or anything else the first thing you need to check is whether you have the right rig for the job. If you don’t, you can easily run into

The smallest and meanest NITRO powered RC Hot Rod in the world!

As time passes, everything just keeps getting smaller and smaller, so today, we check out this nitro powered RC car, obviously following the trend. This self-made RC hot rod is just 6

Women just don’t learn- This awesome Gold Digger prank comes with a HAND SHOCKER!

There you go, another one of the well-know Gold Digger Pranks to start your day with a laugh. Every prank of this kind is unique in its way and we can see

Meet the coolest RC semi ever- The Peterbilt 359!

Say hello to this one-of-a-kind RC big rig that is capable of pulling a full-size vehicle. The builder of this semi was fascinated by trucks so he started collecting photos and drawing

You can’t say no to this stunning General Lee Wrap!

General Lee Wrap around a Dodge Charger?! Bring it on! Vehicle wraps have come a long way since “The Fast and Furious” original movie and we see creative and new uses for