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Loud and not so clear: Your Mom Nova vs. Birdman Camaro at No Prep

The specific no prep action is the perfect for those who love that raw action and of course, the action gets even crazier when you have rides like Your Mom Nova and

Two daredevils flying beside the largest passenger plane in the world!

Is it a plane? Or maybe a bird? No, it is Jetman! Just forget about flying inside a plane because it’s appears that air travel has become much more than that. Jetman, Yves

What really happens when a gearhead dad is watching over his baby?

There are tons of memes, pictures, and even videos of what actually happens when dads are watching over their babies. Now, what we can see from there is that dads usually take

GTA 5 at its finest: Blowing up a police helicopter while doing a backflip with a tank!

Have you ever seen a tank doing a backflip? We thought so. And where can we see epic stunts and driving that are unimaginable in our real world? GTA 5 is that

A hell of a build: 1974 Diesel Dually 4×4 Chevrolet Nova SS will leave you in awe!

The Pigeon Forge Rod Run is well known for its super unusual builds. Such is this 1974 Chevrolet Nova SS that Scottie shot. And as mentioned before, this is anything but an

Reaching the extremes: 1303 Volkswagen Beetle RS going sideways!

The Volkswagen Beetle is anything but a maverick or a misfit. In fact, it’s more likely to bee seen as an automotive phenomenon. However, this VW Beetle that is built to be

1932 Roadster powered by a Harley-Davidson: Sounds good and looks even better!

This 1932 Roadster is rather intriguing and for the guys out of the US probably uncanny contraption. It rolled out straight from the doors of the Kick Ass Road Shop, in Hickory, North

Super crashing at 125 mph: World’s fastest crash test is sick!

The folks at Fifth Gear are widely known for their crashing tests. So far, they have conducted some pretty “destructive” researches, all related with car crashing. Whether it’s about the how strong

An amazing custom built ’65 Chevrolet C10 Cab Coupe that will rock your world!

Here’s an insane build! The Chevrolet C10 platform has been seen done up in many ways but, there are some of them that just tend to stand out from the crowd. Such

Sneak a peek at seven customized 2015 Ford F-150 Trucks for SEMA!

These seven modified Ford F-150 trucks are set to be showcased at SEMA this year. There were no doubts that Ford will make a hell of a show. This time, Ford paid