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Two Hennessey Camaros with 1650 HP in a Drag Race – Z/28 vs ZL1

Well, this happens when the Hennessey receives an order to bring two Camaros with a combined 1650 HP to a customer who has access to an airport runway. There aren’t many cars

Four Jet Cars in a Row but Only One Race!

What is better than watching four jet cars standing in a line and waiting to race all at once? At the Z-Mac drag strip in North Carolina question was already answered when

The amazing Hennessey’s 665 HP GMC Yukon Denali goes against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat on the drag strip!

When the 665 HP, supercharged GMC Yukon Denali was revealed by Hennessey and the 6,000-pound SUV was demonstrated sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds, the conclusion was that

This is how things are done in the Pure Stock World- The Pure Stock Muscle car drags!

The Pure Stock Drags is an octane-boosting, heart-pumping drag race for stock muscle cars. It’s held every September at Mid-Michigan Motorplex and what makes this race different from the others in the

This ProCharged Chevrolet Chevelle is one insane ride that makes some nasty sound!

This BBC ProCharger powered Chevrolet Chevelle, with a lot of power and a set of drag radials, proves to be one insane ride. At the Radial Revenge Sunrise Nationals’ at Tulsa Raceway

1,200 HP Cherokee SRT8 Jeep races a Gallardo and a Nissan GT-R!

Russia and cars might be put together in a sentence only if you talk about drag racing. Today we are going to show you a race between 1,200 hp Jeep STR8 with

The Quickest Funny Car RUN that was ever Done in the NHRA History!

Funny cars are specific types of drag racing vehicles that are known to be fast and wild. A new record was set by Jack Beckman, the man who was sitting the wheel

Mean and Fast ’68 Hemi Powered CUDA on the Radials With More Than 3000 HP!!!

This mean Barracuda is fast as a dog will lick its dish, and that is very understandable because of the 521ci of Brad Anderson Hemi energy under the hood and the F3

Daddy Dave, the Street Outlaws Star Rolls Goliath 6 times and survive at No Prep Race!

No prep racing should be fun, but as you can see in this video below, it can sometimes end in disaster. The Discovery’s show Street Outlaws is very popular along with its

That was Close! Nitrous C6 Z06 VS 2014 SRT Viper TA

A close race with a lot of adrenaline has just ended and only one can be the winner. Well, the question is who is the best. Both cars are very close in