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BMW E34 M5 shows a 1,001 Horsepower Bugatti Veyron what true power is!!!

The task of taking down a 1,001 Horsepower Bugatti Veyron might seem like a tall one on the surface. It is unlikely that anyone with a this much power will think that losing

Turbocharged Volvo Takes Down a Lamborghini, Corvette, and MORE! That was an Insane Drag Race!

Drag Racing is considered as a sport that requires very expensive and powerful equipment. This drag race is between a turbocharged Volvo, Lamborghini, and Corvettes. Surprisingly, the Volvo beats its opponents very

Is The Moits Racing Mustang the Fastest Doorslammer Ever?

There is an interesting video below, in which you can see whether this Moits Racing Mustang is the fastest doorslammer ever. In the video below, you will also see how 274 miles

A GMC Truck left a Dodge Challenger Hellcat wondering what has just happened!

Black Dodge Challenger Hellcat lines up against a 4-door GMC Sierra Denali. And it wins! Did that just really happened? There is no doubt that Hellcats are heavy. The immense engine that

WARNING: Hide your Kids Because This Chevy C7 is a real MONSTER

Drag racing world is a full of badass Chevy C7 Corvettes, but this C7 is a one of the best. The man behind the wheel of this wild Outlaw 10.5 car is

1000hp Cummins Goes Wild and Kills Corvette!

Corvettes are cool and fast cars, but this Garmin built 1000hp Cummins is going to win this race. Maybe thought that the Corvette will beat this Dodge pick-up, but you were wrong.

Stoken Sets The New Pro Nitrous Record – 3.694s!!!

Pat Stoken is a man who loves to race and likes to go fast — world-record fast, actually. He ran a 3.694-second time. With his 3.694-second pass during Pro Nitrous qualifying he

Fast Dodge Diesel Truck kills it on the drag strip!

When Jimmy Smith gets behind the wheel of a powerful monster of a truck, you know that things are about to get serious. He impressed everyone at Bandimere Speedway’s ¼ mile track

That moment you realize you watched a Nissan GT-R lose by a V6 Mustang

When you think of a race car, surely, a V6 Mustang doesn’t come to your mind. Well, that’s why this race will come as a big surprise to you because it will

The ultimate stock vs. stock battle : 2014 Viper TA vs. 2015 Corvette C7 Z06

Stock vs. stock races are always amusing and interesting to watch. What we all love about these races is that they allow us to see which car is truly the better one,