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Beautiful 1970 Plymouth Barracuda – King Kong CUDA

Check out this beautiful 1970 Plymouth Barracuda – King Kong CUDA. This Cuda is in the ownership of Graeme and Wendy Cowin. They are both huge figures in Australian drag racing having won

Over the top performances at 20th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championship 2014!

If you haven’t seen a bunch of muscle cars, hot rods and custom made cars demonstrating their power doing Wheelstanding this is your chance. At the 20th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championship at

PURE INSANITY! 60.000HP Drag Race! Shockwave Jet Trucks!!!

If you haven’t seen a drag race between two semi trucks, both powered by jet engines now it’s the time. In 1984 Les Shockley created the first Shockwave jet truck and this

The Fastest Camaro in the World – 2500HP, 1/4 Mile in 6.52 Seconds.

Meet Tom Bailey and the fastest Camaro in the world. Tom Bailey is last year’s winner of the HOT ROD Drag Week and he won it with this monster. He equipped his

World’s Most Powerful Street Car – 2500HP 1963 Plymouth Valiant!

Have you ever seen a car porn? Well check out this 2500HP 1963 Plymouth Valiant. This gorgeous car is a result of 30 years in the making from a simple two door sedan

3000 HP hides under the hood of this 1970 Mach 1 Mustang!! Looks clean ain’t it?

Meet Steve Morris Engineering and his super badass car, a 3000 hp 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. With a 572 cubic inch V8 engine under the hood twin turbocharged makes this beast a rocket!

C7 Stingray VS BMW i8 drag race

Well so many difrences between the Stingray VS BMW… first the Stingray haves the traditional V8 Chevy engine that make 455 Horse power and then we have the BMW i8 with a

Dad Vs Son – Gas VS Electric

Never grow up dad made an amazing Powerwheel Mustang with a 110 cc pit bike engine and the Son with the standard Electrical mustang. We know who the winner is going to

Dodge Challenger VS Lamborghini Countach

Check out this fun drag race between these two super cool cars the Dodge Challenger VS Lamborghini Countach!! Who wins…