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Challenger SRT8 on 24′

  Check out this sick tuning by Lexani on this Dodge Challenger SRT8. Great details all around the car and a super cool suspension and for the best part the 24′ LF

Mini Cooper ALL4 camping

  I WANT ONE OF THESEE!!!! A great way to go camping!! You don’t have to set up the tent and you can go almost anywhere, thanks to the 4×4 drive on

Smart way to park infront of building

This guy is a genius! Now you can park your car in the open infront of your building and not worry so much if you don’t have a garage!! Even though this

Exotic cars START UP+REVS

If you love those special sounds when a car starts up and revvs a little bit, especially an exotic car… you have to check this video out,  from a 6.5L V12 Aventador,

Recoil 2- crazyest ride ever

Ballistic BJ Baldwin makes the Recoil 2, maybe the most existing video in 2014, Monster Energy, Hoonigan, Toyo tyres all helped to make this video amazing. The video is filmed in Ensenada,

crazy traffic in Etiopia!!!

  So this is the situation… this is the capital city in Etiopia, Addis Ababa and this is one of the main streets… So eather they are way back or just to

Porsche 921 Concept by Anthony Colard

The Concept is made by Anthony Colard for a job aplication at Porsche and it is 2014 model called Porsche 921. The idea for the model is from the 928 model and

Dodge Challenger VS Lamborghini Countach

Check out this fun drag race between these two super cool cars the Dodge Challenger VS Lamborghini Countach!! Who wins…