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Next Ford GT concept is a time machine from Back To the Future

Next Ford GT concept design is something that looks like it came to us from the future and we love it. Well, the good news is this is a ‘Back To The

Sleeper Chevrolet Tahoe roasts unsuspecting supercars!!

Sleeper Chevrolet Tahoe roasts an unsuspecting Aston Martin and other supercars! This cool truck seems to be a work truck for a painting service. That’s why all of the opponents in these

1932 Ford Sedan Delivery “Twice Blown” with two Keith Black Hemis!

1932 Ford Sedan Delivery “Twice Blown”! Over the years 32 Ford Sedan Delivery hot rods have evolved into a cliche. But they’re not being built for performance anymore, but as fairground cruisers or for

Harold Lamay’s famous car collection is a museum now!

Harold Lamay’s family inherited his famous classic car collection!! Some of us have car collections that we find to be impressive and they only span a couple of cars. This collection, however,

Police officer assists in an epic marriage proposal!

Police officer assists a man to pull off one hell of a marriage proposal! A particular man, while on his first date with his girlfriend, was pulled over by a Royal Oak

Lifted 4×4 Dodge Challenger is the ultimate off-roader

Lifted 4×4 Dodge Challenger that got the best of both worlds. Bringing this thing into its original state wasn’t exactly what the owner of this Dodge Challenger had in mind. Instead, this

1970 Ford Torino King Cobra prototype powered by a Boss 429!

1970 Ford Torino King Cobra prototype powered by a Boss 429!! There are only three examples of this Torino that were ever built and that are in existence. In fact, this particular

Formula 1 racing through the streets of Manchester!

Formula 1 racing through the streets of Manchester! Celebrity car and lifestyle event Gumball 3000 Rally returns to the UK this spring. One of the event’s most established teams, Team Betsafe, is

2016 Ford Focus RS comes with a Drift Mode!!!

2016 Ford Focus RS – a true all-around car. Let’s start with the design; the look is pretty awesome, straightforwards and anything but overdone. Nothing is extra on the new Focus; no

Sinister Batmobile – The wildest ride at Gumball 3000!!!

Sinister Batmobile -tough, black and one of a kind. If you want to check out the wilder cars that the world has to offer, then one of the event that you can