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Hit and Run Car driver got what he deserved!

The biker was shooting this video and witnessed this whole event when a motorcyclist was hit by a car. When he saw what the car driver did, he reacted very bravely and

Cool BUT Insane Backwards Wheelie at 60MPH!

People have various hobbies and ways to have fun. This guy has found a way to boost his adrenaline and left other people speechless and open mouthed. It is rather confusing whether this

Compilation of the funniest and strangest vehicles at the Nordschleife!

When you see the video below you’ll notice a compilation of all sorts of vehicles even some vehicles you won’t expect to see there at all. It seems that you can anything

“Wall of Death” – Cool stunts performance along a vertical wall!

This is a carnival sideshow, and actually is a cylindrical wall, with motorcycles and small cars in it, that are driving along the vertical wall and perform wonderful stunts. The audience stands upon

The mayhem of GTA is brought to real-world through this amazing video!

This right here is one of the best GTA V-related videos that we have seen lately. The folks at Corridor Digital really did it this time when it comes to making filmed

4 year old boy driving a small KTM 50 like a pro!

Carter Malcolm sure knows his thing! This 4 year old boy really has the right start in life.  I couldn’t even ride a normal bike when I was 4 years old! However,

Awesomeness alert: Insane flame throwing chopper!

Here’s something special for those who have a bond with motorbikes. We’re pretty sure you’ll love this chopper especially when you see the rider. This whole video is like a graffiti wall,

Making popcorn with a bike-AMAZING!

We all love popcorn! And when it comes to making them, we have an interesting suggestion! What we have here is actually the ultimate popcorn machine, even though it is a little

The fearless Sarah Lezito is an amazing stunt rider!

That’s right! Sarah is an amazing stunt rider and no other word can describe her better. She is riding her bike like no other biker! We guarantee you have never seen a

GTO driver loses control at Mulholland and takes out the motorcycles!

Cars and motorcycles are regular visitors at Mulholland Highway. It is known for its takes out of fair share of folks who are out on a spirited drive and for some reason;