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Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle in a Supernatural and Transformed Shape

At the Supercar Sunday show, Ghost Rider’s motorcycle was shown in its supernatural and transformed shape. Ghost rider is a supernatural superhero movie in which Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist, transforms into

Check out Hom’s Rat Rod Trike doing Insane Donuts!!

Dennis Hom spends hours in his shop building a Rat Rod. A Rat Rod is a style of custom or hot rod car, and in most cases imitates hot rods from the

The most extreme, skulled custom bike ever!

This custom bike will win the minds and hearts of all Americans who praise for a custom bike! Have you ever seen so many skulls on another motorcycle?! We don’t think so!

The world’s first BMX quadruple has been done and it’s epic!

After years of practice, dreaming and several failed attempts, which racked up injury by injury, the BMX quad backflip has been conquered. James Foster and Jed Mildon went toe-to-toe to go down

School Bus Attempts Jump Over 20 Motorcycles and Succeeds! Barely!

We’ve seen motorcycle jumping over buses, but a bus jumping over motorcycles is not something that you see very often. Well, it seems that is possible because it happened in 1970 at

“Teach me how to Dougie” on a moving Motorcycle

Bikers are doing crazy things on their two-wheeled vehicles all the time, but Dougie on a motorcycle…not very often. This guy has to take the cake, definitely. He is starting to dance

Ajo’s Epic Finish on Knees at Moto3 Dutch GP 2015

Niklas Ajo is Finnish motorcycle racer who did something extraordinary at Moto3 Dutch GP 2015. After pushing too hard in his final stretch, he saved his bike and himself by using his knees

An unusual vehicle is on the road- Harley Davidson Limo-Bike

If you’re looking for something unusual to drive on the road then you might consider this one. The Harley Davidson Limo-Bike is a combination of a motorcycle and a limousine that is

How to do Wheelie and Change a Tire at the same time?!

Doing wheelie is really dangerous and risky move and still many people are doing it. A lot of adrenalin lovers are trying new thing all the time, but this man here is

Epic Harley Davidson Lowside Motorcycle Crash

Customized Harley Bagger AKA Harley Street Glide has the pure street style and long haul comfort that makes this motorcycle #1 in the sport. In this video, the customized Harley crashes near the