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BEHEMOTH’s Custom Bike is a Real Badass!

The Polish metal masters, Behemoth were working with Game Over Cycles on the new custom-built bike that looks like it came out of an apocalyptic movie. The founder of the GOC, Stanislaw

Lady Cop Hops on an Impounded Bike and Fails!

Who knows what the rider of this motorcycle did to cause this lady to impound his bike, but what we know is that this woman is having a bit of trouble getting

Buick Wildcat Concept car by Marc Senger

Designed as a front-engined, Mark’s Wildcat proportion is inspired by the ’54 Wildcat II Concept. He sees his concept rivaling Jaguar F-Type, BMW Z4 and Audi TT. Among other amazing parts on

A chase video that has it all- Cop crashes in a wild chase after a motorcycle!

If you’re town doesn’t have chase laws and you have nothing against that, this video will show you why exactly the ruling has come into effect, in certain areas. When this K9

Bad Luck: Motorbike Ran Out Of Petrol While Escaping From Police

It wasn’t this biker’s lucky day, that is for sure, but it was very lucky for the police. This police chase happened in Australia, where the biker was trying to escape from

Guns And Bikes! The twin Gatling Gun Goldwing is the ultimate apocalyptic weapon!

What do you do when you see a twin gatling gun motorcycle coming down the road?-You run as fast as you can! Only demons, cyborgs and this badass dude in the video

PJD vs OCC: Two Outstanding Cadillac Bikes are Unveiled! Whose bike is better?

Cadillac came to a very interesting idea to commission both to design bike for them. It is a wonderful idea because what is better than modeling off the Cadillac classing look or

Surfing with Bike? Why not!!! Maddison’s “Pipe Dream” come true!

Robbie “Maddo” in his new video “Pipe Dream” gave us a chance to witness something unbelievable. Have you ever thought that someone could ever ride a bike on powerful waves? In the

Who said Harley Davidson bikes are not fun??

Video filled with adrenaline and wonderful skills. The Unknown Industries bikers are doing some riding on the California’s streets while they are filming their new film Harley Wheelies 13.  In this video

When People in Taiwan go to work!

There are mopeds everywhere, millions of them, going everywhere in all possible directions. In Taiwan they use two wheelers as the main vehicle for transport. It seems that a wasp’s nest of