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Sportbike Ripping Up The Desert

Most people when they go in a dessert they ride a camel or a horse, but Julien Welsch decided to have some fun. With his sportbike equipped for riding in sand he

Baddest ATV EVER!! All Terrain Mini Ripsaw!!

Howe & Howe Technologies are behind of some of the craziest and most extreme vehicles ever and recently they introduced their latest invention, The Minirip. This ATV is made for literally every

2015 Can-Am Outlander 1000 ATV with 6X6 Drive!!

As you can see this is a unique 2015 6X6 1000cc Rotax liquid-cooled V twin ATV Can-Am Outlander !!! There is a 12 inch cast aluminium wheels, better control – you can set 4×6 mode

Crazy JET Bicycle – This Guy Have A Death Wish

This is the most dangerous crazy jet bicycle created by 35 years old British plumber Colin Furze. He decided to give a new-life on this old bicycle who can reach speed up to 50

Jet-powered VW Beetle – The Rocket

A Beetle…and a jet engine… awesome!! Check out this street legal  jet-powered VW Beetle. The owner Ron Patrick spend around 200 000 $ and over 6 years on this bug, but he

WOW!! 2 Stroke V8 Engine!! Imagine What You Can Do With It!

By the sound of this you would’ve thought it’s an engine from a Ferrari, but it’s or it was an old boat engine, but after a few hours in the workshop, this

First Ever Double Backflip On Two Wheels!!

Does anybody remember Travis Pastrana, the adrenaline junkie?? He was the the first ever to do a double backflip on two wheels back in ’06 X-Games winning the well deserved gold medal

1000cc Superbike On Dirt!! Thats Crazy!!

This next video will blow your mind!!! Crazy stunt rider Juha Ruokolainen from the StuntFreaksTeam goes nuts on the dirt with 175 HP 1000cc Suzuki GSX-R!! WOOOW!! Check out the Superbike on dirt!!

Smartest helmet “Skully AR-1”

THE BEST helmet outhere so far!!! Not just for its cool looks but you can do almost everything with the Skully AR-1!! The best thing among others is the camera it haves

crazy traffic in Etiopia!!!

  So this is the situation… this is the capital city in Etiopia, Addis Ababa and this is one of the main streets… So eather they are way back or just to