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Awesome Dragrace! – Harley Chopper vs. Honda Fireblade

Hildo is the owner and builder of an old Harley Ratbike Chopper and he races the owner of a 170+ HP Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. Obviously, he has considerable experience with racing circuits

Awesome downhill! – Arkády Ultim8 DownMall

The fourth edition of Arkády Ultimate DownMall was held in Prague, Czech Republic.  It attracts top riders from all over Europe and on 28January 2012 there were drivers of escalators, large gaps,

Crazy 150HP R1 Go Kart Run

A one of a kind custom frame built made especially for this R1 engine Go kart. It goes 0-60 in 2 seconds-170 mph top speed. One of the owners claimed that they

Robbie Maddison Breaking Two Records in this INSANE RUN!

Freestyle Motocross pioneer Robbie Maddison is known for his record-breaking jumps at traditional locations across the globe. He’s a member of the Skullcandy family who along with Red Bull brought his dream

The Doonies –Flyers On Epic Sand Dunes

“The Doonies” is a group that manages to pull of some wicked stunts on this off road destination. It is unbealivable how they go up, nearly vertical and come back down with ease.

Ernie Vigil owning the entire city

Ernie Vigil – the sultan of sideways, will be gone before you know it while leaving jaws on the floor in his wake. He has been drifting for so long we don’t

Extreme Roller Coaster Ride with a Trials Bike

We all love roller coasters because they increase our adrenaline which (we can all agree to this) feels pretty nice. But there are some people who would do anything to feel an

Yamaha Raptor with Yamaha R1 engine 180 HP BEAST

Check out this custom creation Yamaha Raptor with Yamaha R1 engine 180hp. Airbrush paint, chrome side exhaust systems, cool wheels, aggressive tone, easy for drifting, isn’t this Quad Bike BEAST?!? God damn

Check out this Monkey doing stunts! Hilarious!!

Oh my god, is this real?!? Can’t believe in my eyes. Look at this, crazy monkey riding bike and doing stunts and tricks like a stunter i mean like a human 🙂 How fast this Repsol bike

Yes!! This is REAL and this guy is driving it arround town!

Houston, we have a problem…there is a gigantic tire on the road!! This is the Monster Bike! It took over three months to build this bike and is made by bicycle parts,