Castrol EDGE presents: The coolest Titanium Strong Virtual Drift!

Castrol EDGE USA Titanium Strong Virtual Drift

Here you can watch how the driver Matt Powers is experiencing something amazing, and that something is driving in a specially designed Virtual Reality helmet, in a real car with Fluid Titanium which is powered by Castrol EDGE.This is very fun drifting, and probably there isn’t something better than this. Matt Powers is the formula D drift driver and using the Titanium String Virtual Drift technology is drifting Ford Mustang, and it does that professionally.

He is taking a first Titanium Trial and is pushing all limits of performance driving by using state of the art high technology. He has a Virtual Reality helmet with which he enters the virtual world and at the same time he is drifting blind to the outside world which means he has to use his basic driving instincts. See the video below to see what this kind of drifting is all about.