Car Keying prank will make you laugh hard at it!

Car Keying prankCar Keying prank is one of those pranks that can also be called two-second prank – that’s all it takes for most people to realize that they are being fooled around with, though in a pretty harmless way.¬†Well, that might be true but, it doesn’t make it any less amusing for our eyes and ears, because my life-long experience says that people tend to fall for simple pranks way more easily. Just like in this one.

Car Keying prank will make you laugh hard at it!

For this on-the-road hoax are responsible the funny kids at Ross Creations. They inform random car drivers ( and even motorcycle riders) that they left their keys on the door and of course, every single person reaches out the window to try and find their keys, thus, realizing that they just fell for a pretty simple prank.

Most of the drivers also find this prank pretty hilarious, while there was this one guy that went to a totally different direction and wanted to call the cops. Car Keying prank video below!