Can trucks fly? Daredevil Godfrey flies half the length of a football field with his semi truck!


Need we say more!? There really is something incredibly thrilling and unsettling about seeing a semi truck flying through the air. When we take into consideration the commercial purposes and the massive weight of these road-going leviathans we can conclude that they really should remain planted on the ground, firmly! But, that’s what makes seeing them airborne so magnificent! Here we have the new record set by Gregg Godfrey, who took his big rig to the skies and made a jump of 166 feet, across two mounds of dirt.

The jump is quite beautiful for such an ungainly machine. The semi truck simply makes an arc through the air, delicately, and then crashes back to Earth on its wheels. This isn’t Gregg’s first time when it comes to setting such a record. But, last year the crown was taken by Lotus F1 team and EMC Industries who managed to make an 83-foot-7-inch long jump, over a car. Well, it seems that Godfrey took back what belonged to him previously. Surprisingly, the goal was to reach 140 feet this time but, apparently he was carrying enough speed to fly just a bit further.