Batman’s Tumbler is real and it is a functioning car

Batman Tumbler Jay Leno

There are many people who will most likely show interest in a real Batman’s Tumbler. Are there any Batman fans?
Well say hello to Jay Leno again! He is a passionate wheel lover and has one of the most wanted car collections in America and he definitely knows to show off some hot stuffed cars!

In the video below he presents the famous Batmobile with Dave Ragan a transportation studio driver who shows this mesmerizing vehicle to the rest of the world. It is a fully customed car and it took about a year to be completed. It’s a vehicle that has parts which can be easily fixed and replaced at least for those who are familiar with its features. Even though it looks amazing it is pretty realistic without those weapons and gadgets shown in the Batman’s trilogy, of course. It’s top speed is 85 mph. The tires are super matters and are usually used in rock climbing. The most interesting part is that this car can do a lot of jumps which is a plus for the adrenaline addicts.

It is an extraordinary ride even for Jay Leno because,well it’s a Tumbler!.
Check out how the ride goes!