Fastest Remote Control Car – Traxxas XO-1!

Awesome Remote Control Car - Traxxas XO-1!!

This awesome Traxxas XO – 1 is wicked! Let’s be honest – 100 mph is pretty fast, especially for a remote control car. Of course, there are many real cars that can easily double that number and maybe a few baseball pitchers who can throw amazingly fast but considering the fact that this is actually a toy – it’s pretty amazing. Except that it’s not just a toy.

Traxxas says that this car is not a toy and that it must be used by experts only. It carries a risk of injury, fire and death! Further, the car should only be used on a closed course- a real racetrack or a drag strip. Controlling it requires an iPhone or iPod Touch so to run the Traxxas Link telemetry application which unlocks the car’s top speed. You should also be of legal driving age to operate its 100 mph speedster.

In the video below a guy who bought it gave it a little test drive. Check it out.