Autoliv: The Torricelli Brake can decrease braking distances with amazing 40%

Autoliv The Torricelli Brake

This is an amazing invention that can save you from incidents while driving. It is a new braking system – The Torricelli Brake that provides standing stop of the car by up to 40% than normal. It is amazing because it massively increases your stopping power, thus works perfectly in wet, icy or windy conditions.

Actually, it is a vacuum induced plate which is placed below a vehicle and it sucks down into the track during emergency braking situation – decreases braking distances with 40 % in speeds up to 40 mph. While auto braking is designed to prevent the car bumping in other car, this is designed to stop the car in a shorter distance and to prevent bumping into people. The best thing is that it can be improved, and it stops the car quicker than regular brakes. Drive safe with Torricelli Brake and see the test video below.