An ’84 Pontiac Fiero with a HUGE blown V8 in the back!


We know that there are some really off-the-wall inane things on the Internet but, make sure you file this towards the top. We have never heard or seen a Fiero like this one. This is a ’84 Pontiac Fiero that has a 455 Oldsmobile big block V8. And yes, it’s supercharged.

The car has been rebuilt after its engine overheated (shocker). However, the owner didn’t do anything with it for years but, several years ago he decided that it was time to finally take some measures. This guy is surely a dreamer; he has done all the work by himself, except for the transmission. This orange Fiero is definitely a work of art. It is simple and clean looking but, that motor that’s sticking out the back makes it look mean! This is one wicked Fiero! Check out the video when and hear its roars!