Agent 47 Harbinger X2 – The Mustang of the modern times!!!

Agent 47 Harbinger X2Agent 47 Harbinger X2 – need I say more?

The Harbinger X2 is a 1969 Ford Mustang that Agent 47 Racing is showing off as their latest project. This car is actually a follow-up to the initial road-going 1969 Harbinger Mustang that the company has built previously. The good news is that this ride is finally road-ready!

Agent 47 Harbinger X2 – The Mustang of the modern times

Unlike its ancestor, the intial Harbinger Mustang that was based on reproduction Dynacorn body, the X2 represents a genuine ’69 Mustang, though highly modified. This machine is believed to be one of the best interpretation of modern classic and there are only few that will deny that fact. It’s the undeniable American spirit that is in question here as well as speed and class. Agent 47 Harbinger X2 video below!