The Achmedmobile, Jeff Dunham’s unique roadster!

Achmedmobile hot rodThe Achmedmobile, Jeff Dunham’s unique roadster! With his Comedy Central ventriloquist act involving characters like Peanut, Jalapeno on a Stick and Walter, Jeff Dunham has become a household name across the country. One of my favorite characters is exactly Achmed The Dead Terrorist! Here’s a video of the Achmedmobile, a hot rod that incorporates one of America’s favorite dummies into the hot rod scene.

Jeff Dunham’s Achmedmobile hot rod!

This wild rod is featuring a Chrysler HEMI engine with custom looped headers that spill off the sides, a bench seat and chop-top combo that doesn’t quite leave enough room for passengers to fit without sticking out of the sunroof. Fake bomb-wielding front wheels and a shifter that is taller than the car. The Achmedmobile is cool on its own, but with the giant Achmed hood ornament really makes this hot rod unique! The best part is, Achmed’s mouth even moves when Dunham opens the throttle.