1974 De Tomaso Pantera GTS – Muscle Car of the Week!

1974 De Tomaso Pantera GTS

The 1974  Pantera GTS is not necessarily a muscle car, but it’s got a cool story and the elements that link directly to some muscle cars, so that is the main reason why this car is featured on the muscle car of the week. First of all, this car is very significant in the fact that it has an insanely low mileage, it has barely been driven since new, but the history of this car is very unique.

This car was produced by De Tomaso in Italy, there were a lot of different sports cars back then, but none of them had the same elements as the Pantera like for example its mid-engine where the engine is behind driver but in front to the rear wheels and it also has ZF transactional. It was powered by a mid-mounted Ford 351 V8 engine, so Ford treated this car as one of its own though it was manufactured by an Italian company. This car was designed to look fast, go fast and be a personal exotic sports car. Take a look!