The 13 craziest vehicles ever made! Some of these look unreal!

13 craziest vehiclesThe 13 craziest vehicles ever made! Some of these look unreal! How do you like the zombie proof Maybach? This particular Maybach is based on the Maybach Exelero prototype from 2005 and looks like it’s ready to take the fight to the undead. It was created by the Jordanian designer Khaled Alkayed. This crazy vehicle looks like it came straight out of the shooting of Mad Max. Or some zombie apocalypse movie. This concept features a range of enhancements which turn it from a 700 horsepower V12-powered luxury coupe into a battle-ready, gun-toting, armor-plated sinister death machine.

The 13 craziest vehicles ever made, including a zombie proof Maybach!! Bring it on, zombies!

13 craziest vehicles

The 1967 OSI Silver Fox is another bizarre ride from this list. The car is split into two separate ‘hulls’, which is not very practical. Amazingly, the car was built with a view to competition and record breaking attempts, not just to blow minds and raise eyebrows. Other insane vehicles on this list is a Fiat Panda monster truck, amphibian pickup truck that can float on water, etc. Check out the video to see the full list of the 13 craziest vehicles!